Monday, 10 August 2015

GNOME Maps presence at GUADEC 2015

GUADEC is the GNOME Users And Developers European Conference. This year it was held in Gothenburg.

I presented a talk about Client side rendering of maps using MapCSS.
I will embed the slide for that talk to this post. There will also be videos later on, as all talks were recorded.

After the core days we had an opportunity to gather an informal Maps BoF 
were interested gathered to talk about our roadmap. We also managed to jot down some ideas for future GSoC / Outreacy proposals.

You can find the updated roadmap here.

We are late in the 3.18 cycle and we have not had the amount of developer bandwidth we would have liked. But I still want to get in some stuff before the freezes. I would love some help from you!

For  3.20 we are more ambitious. And we want to land some features.
Right now the plan is to go for:
  • Basic editing of OpenStreetMap data from Maps (bug)
  • Printing of routes (bug)
  • Opening and displaying geographic annotation and visualization, possibly through KML files
  • Integration with OwnCloud (bug)
  • Some sort of support for client side rendering
  • Further support for offline tiles
  • Someway to download tile
There are some nice projects and bugs to work on in Maps. If you want to get involved please check out our gnome-love bugs. And come visit us at #gnome-maps on

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